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Sneak a peek at some exciting new advances in video content, interactive features and on-demand options coming soon to a screen near you.

Why Cable is Cool

The anything, everywhere, anytime network.

Why choose cable over satellite TV, or a telephone company? Glad you asked.

Because cable does whatever we want, whenever we want to do it.

Because we want to be entertained: drawn in by characters, stories and places. With cable, they enter our lives in vivid images and rich sounds, playing out across video screens large and small, flowing over a communications network that works every we time we turn on the TV set. (Or a PC. Or a tablet.)

Because we want what we want, when we want it -- whether that’s a clear connection for a phone call or a movie that starts, pauses and resumes exactly when we say so.

Because we want the Internet not only to work, and work fast… but to come alive, with video and music and pictures that create unique and personal experiences.

Because of all this, and more. It’s why people in nearly 60 million homes across the U.S. choose cable. In fact, cable is today’s most popular medium for bundled communications services – the television, voice and Internet connections that help us live, play and work to the fullest.

Why choose cable? Because cable works. Because cable does more. Because cable lets us go where we want. No matter where that may be.