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On Demand

Television that obeys your every command.

With On Demand, the program you want starts whenever you press "play." Choose from movies, current TV hits and enduring classics. All it takes is Digital Cable service and a button on your remote control. Like magic, you can select, pause, rewind, fast-forward and enjoy the programs you want, whenever you want. No late fees, no waiting for DVDs in the mail, no hurried trips to the video store. On Demand is the at-your-service way to enjoy television more than ever.

Sound too good to be true? Not this time. With On Demand, you can select, watch, pause, rewind or fast-forward your program whenever you're ready.

For some movies and selected shows, there's a viewing charge (typically cable companies charge about what you'd pay to rent a DVD at a local video store). For a growing number of On Demand programs, however, there's no charge at all (no kidding!). And another popular option lets viewers who subscribe to premium channels like Starz!, HBO or Showtime watch movies and shows from those TV networks On Demand. In other words, if you subscribe to HBO and you have On Demand from your cable company, you can watch HBO movies and current episodes of programs you want. They're stored in the On Demand library for you.

Of course, cable companies aren't about to stop delivering channels the old-fashioned way. Most TV watching still happens in what industry participants call a "linear" manner: A network presents a show at 8 p.m., and you tune in to watch. But On Demand is growing fast. The largest U.S. cable company, Comcast, says its customers have now used On Demand more than 20 billion times since 2003. That’s serious proof that On Demand is captivating the nation.