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Content is King

There’s television. And then there’s cable television.

It’s the reason the cable industry was invented, and 50 years later, it’s still the cornerstone offering of the medium we call “cable.”

It’s television. And on cable, it’s better television than anywhere else.

Chances are most of the television channels you know, watch and love today were invented by the cable industry. From TBS to MTV to HBO to ESPN to The Discovery Channel (and many more), the cable industry is the birthplace of the most inventive, original television brands and networks in the world.

Name a critically acclaimed television show and chances are good that it comes from a cable channel. With a multi-billion dollar investment in original programs, cable has given rise to a new golden era of television. The best writers, the most iconic actors and the top directors now turn to cable first as an outlet for their creative inspiration. Because they know what you do: that cable is where great television lives.