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Slip on the glasses and settle in, America. As TV goes 3D, cable's the ideal way to get in on the experience.

That's because the same cable connection that delivers you high-definition TV, high-speed Internet and highly reliably phone service is ready for the next revolution in home entertainment. It's 3D television — a dramatically different presentation approach that adds depth perception to high-definition television images for the first time. The result is an amazing, immersive experience that delivers a you-are-there quality you truly have to see to believe. Check out 3D TV at your nearby electronics store. And when you're done being wowed, get ready for a new generation of 3D programming delivered straight to your home through your Digital Cable service. It's the direct path to a new era of entertainment that will change the way you watch. Because the way we figure it, if the world around you appears in 3D, why shouldn't television?